Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:




Last week was the letter “M”

This week is brought to you by the letter “N”

1. Nose: Is it really a helpful body part, or just in the way? I mean you can breathe thru your mouth.. so other than catching dust, blowing out snot,and making you sneeze… what is it really good for?

2. Neat: I’m not the neatest person you will ever meet. However, I do strive to one day have a sense of organization. Will it ever happen who knows! I would like to say it will…but unless I turn OCD is it achievable?

3. Nickel: Why is the nickel special? How come it gets to be bigger than the dime, but worth less? It confuses my kids, they often think of it as a quarter. We are working on identity of Money right now.

4. News: I don’t watch it or keep up with it as much as I should. Mostly because I find it sad, depressing and sickening. Why stress yourself out over things you can not change or make you sad? I keep up with enough to know what is going on at most times, but don’t get in depth, unless I feel the need to get more info.

5. Nectarine: I love this fruit! Yumm.. a nice ripe juicy nectarine. I find it way tastier than the peach. I would some day like to pick some from a tree. Nothing like fresh fruit picked from the tree. What is your favorite fruit?

6. Noodles: My kids love noodles! They could eat them all the time. It’s crazy! That is all they ask for all the time! Never ask them what they want for dinner?!

7. Nephew: I have 3 of these now….. I never thought I would have any being an only child. I was lucky to have married into a big family…. But even luckier to have such wonderful friends that feel like family, so I actually have more like 6! :)

8. Nevada: I have never been there, but would love to visit it someday. I have an Uncle that lives in Las Vegas. I would love to see some of the historical sites, and such. Have you ever just looked to see what great knowledge each state has to offer?

9. Neighbors: I don’t have any close neighbors anymore. I haven’t gotten to know any of them..Our very next door neighbor is an old couple. On the other side was wonderful friendly guy that I did not get the opportunity to get to know long enough. He was a solider who had been to Iraq a few times, and sadly left us to go to heaven a couple months ago. Good neighbors are so hard to find, and sadly are worse to lose. I had the best neighbor ever, my dad, and it was hard to move away.

10. Nuts:  We are all nuts in our own way! :) As for the actually nut family, I’m not a big fan. I will eat peanuts sometimes, but not often. They have an odd taste to me… what is your favorite nut?

11. Numbers: I find it weird that I have always had a good memory for numbers, but was never good with math. I can tell you birthdays, phone numbers, and such…but Algebra forget it! Or measurement forget it!

12. Navigator: I have always been somewhat good with a sense of direction…But with streets being one way, and going every which way…I decided it was time to buy a GPS so we could Navigate our way around easier. Especially for our trip back to Maine this summer, as we wanted to stop a few places on the way back home. I hate being lost, and men always hate to ask for directions! GRR!

13. Noon:  Is ok, but makes life very difficult. I’m always rushing to get things done before noon. Then afternoon comes, we are rushing to get things done before dinner. So really it is hard to keep noon out of your head isn’t it?

Stay tuned next week for the letter “O”



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Martha said...

Great list! When you get a chance could you email me your mailing address again. I have everything ready to mail, and now I can't figure what I did with it. I was sure I put it in my Iphone contact list.