Thursday, April 30, 2009

Book Basket

This weeks book basket included:

  • Eliza’s Kindergarten Surprise by Alice McGinty: This was a very cute book about a girl starting Kindergarten...I think it shows them how to think of Mommy as always being there. My 5 yr old really liked it since she starts school in the fall.

  • Late for School by Stephanie Calmenson: My 4yr old loved this book the best. Since it is simple, and easy for her to memorize, she can read it alone…which boost confidence!

  • Pigs in the Pantry by Amy Axelrod: A funny book, that shows how a recipe works... Got a lot of giggles out of this one. More for Ages 2-4

  • Read all about it by Laura and Jenna Bush: We thought this book was ok, encourages kids to read, and they learn that imagination can bring a book to life.

  • The Ugly Vegetables by Grace Lin: This was a neat story to show how people come from different backgrounds, but can learn about each other.

  • The Butterfly by Anna Milbourne: Is such a cute book about how caterpillars become butterflies! My kids thought it was really neat, and it explained it in a way they could understand.
  • The dark, dark night by M.Christina Bulter: Shows kids how things can be mistaken in the dark.. Very cute book for Ages 2-4 yr

Be sure to check back with Happy Housewife’s blog to see what others are reading as well. :)

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