Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What beautiful days bring!


Since we celebrated Hunter’s birthday on Friday… we spent Saturday hanging out around the house having fun. It was a beautiful day in the 80’s, with a nice breeze. Hunter couldn’t have asked for a better day on his birthday!

We started the morning off with some muffins.. I made white chocolate raspberry muffins. Then Daddy and Hunter decided to play with Lego’s creating this beautiful mess!

Picture 001

After taking a long break, he managed to get these all picked up and sorted by color, so he can find his pieces easier.

Mid morning we decided to all go out and have some fun with Chalk… We love to draw with chalk in this family.. and the creations are always wonderful. Never know what you might find in our driveway when we are done.

Take a bucket of Chalk:

Picture 006

And get this:

Picture 017

Hunter’s Lifesavers

Picture 013

Rachel’s butterfly

Picture 014

Sage’s flower (she later colored in)

Picture 020

Andy’s Dragon… (sorry they are so light, they picked bad colors for taking photo’s! LOL)

Hunter and Rachel decided to go play Star Wars after that.. and I actually caught them getting along can you believe that??? Here is proof!

Picture 024

Then we all decided to come in for a bit.. read some stories, hang out with Auntie S, and enjoy the doughnuts she brought! Then the rest of the afternoon they played outside with a ball. I didn’t get any pictures of this, but there was most always plenty of giggling going on! It was a beautiful family day!

What does your family like to do on beautiful sunny summer days?



Martha (FL) said...

Looks like a fun day!

The Eagen's said...

I love that picture of Hunter and Rachel. Rachel looks so grown up in it!