Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:




Last week was the Letter “L”

This week is brought to you by the letter “M”

1. Monkey: I have always wanted a pet Monkey. I think they are cute little creatures, and relatively smart. Of course right now, I have 3 kids that act enough like Monkeys for me!

2. Money:  Really can be a good thing, and a bad thing. I think the world is based on Money to much! I feel that it corrupts to many people, and they become to dependent on it. I would like to have enough to be comfortable…to pay the things we need, not desire. I don’t believe that you have to have money to happy. There are numerous things you can do for free, if you just use your imagination and search. :)

3. Mom: Is one of the names I go by! I love being a mom… I always wanted to be a mom, since  I can remember. I think it is so rewarding, in ways you wouldn’t imagine. I love that I have been blessed to stay home with my kids as they grow up. Yes, we miss out on some of the stuff that others might have, and money can be tight sometimes, but we make due.

4. Math: I am so not good at math. I never have been. My dad helped me get thru Algebra, we had the same teacher (he was taking Adult Ed) so we did our homework together, and it took me a tutor to get thru Algebra 2… My son got blessed with my Husbands knowledge for math, and he is good at it! I hope the girls follow in that too.

4. Macaroni: I could eat pasta often. I think I was destine to be an Italian. :)  I also love macaroni salad…..yum!

5. Movies: I love watching movies. However, we do not make it to the movies much, since for all of us to go its anywhere from 30-45 dollars just to get in. We do however rent a movie or two a week from the Redbox…(gotta love a buck) We have our own movie night every other week with the kids, complete with homemade pizza, popcorn, and sometimes a special treat!

6. Microwave: I really don’t think I could live without this appliance. We use ours all the time! What about you?

7. Make-believe: I love watching my kids use their imaginations to make-believe they are farmers, dancers, singers, parents and more! It is precious!

8. Mozzarella:  Is one of my favorite chesses! I use it on some many things…. I love the taste! Yummy! What is your favorite Cheese?

9. Mahjongg: I love this game! I play it on the computer….and with Hunter. I neat ancient game!

10. Manageable: I wish I could get my house to be completely manageable. But it seems like every time I come close, it runs! (sort of speak) Is life really manageable, or is it a dream?

11. Maine: It is a beautiful state, and has amazing views. There is lots to see and explore. I can see why they named it the vacation state. We miss it a lot, but the rural ness, as much as its nice, can be a big problem too. Can’t wait to visit in 9 weeks! I miss you all up there!

12. Mail: I love mail! Is that weird of me? Whether it be snail mail, or email, its nice to receive it. I love to send mail as well. I love to write letters, and send surprises to people in the mail! :)

13. Massage: I would so love to get a nice massage! I spa day would be an incredible gift! I wonder who ever came up with massages…GENIUS!

Well there you have this weeks letter “M”

Join me next week for the Letter “N”

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Martha said...

I hope you are feeling better. Missed you this week!
M is a good letter, I grew up with two of them in my initials!