Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:


This weeks letter is “O”

1. Octopus: I think they are a beautiful sea creature. I love the sea, and learning about the creatures. I always wanted to be a “Marine Biologist”. I think it would be amazing to have 8 arms like them. Don’t you think that would be helpful?

2. Obedience: I’ve often wandered how neat it would be to have a child with perfect obedience! Wouldn’t life be so much easier?? But then I think, what fun would we have without trials?

3. Opera: I have seen one Opera in my life. It was good, and surprising to me. I never thought I’d enjoyed it, not a huge fan of musicals, and thought it would be the same. I would like to one day see another. Have you ever seen an Opera, if so which one?

4. Outhouse: I absolutely hate outhouses! I think they are disgusting and vile! I’m all about sanitary. I don’t think, I would have last back in the day when that was all they had to use! What about you?

5. Overeat: I think most of us are victim to this! I know, I struggle with it often. Why does it seem to be such a demon? I wish I knew. May we all one day overcome this!

6. Oranges: There is nothing better than a fresh picked orange off the tree in the morning. Or squeezed for juice. If you have never tried it, put it on your list of things to do!

7. Onions: I am not a big fan of onions. Over the years, I have become tolerant of them, and will eat them if food contains them. I do not like raw ones though, and often pick them out. Do you like onions?

8. Opponent: Hunter learned what those are…. He is learning how to play chess! He found out the computer does not make a good opponent and kicks are butt every time!

9. Overload: I feel overloaded often! How about you? I’m an interesting person…. I feel overloaded, but yet I thrive and enjoy being busy. Does that make sense? I like to have a purpose…. I think that is what my problem is, I need to feel like I have a purpose, so I overload myself with things to do. Do any of you do that?

10. Oblivescence: I have this problem often too. (Click here for definition) Which scares me cause I’m so young. I need to start exercising my brain more! :) Maybe its just being a mom??? What do you think?

11. Olives: I love olives! Black are my favorite! I could eat them all day long…right out of the can. Green are ok, and I like them as well, but not as much as black olives! Do you like them?

12. Ozone: Do you think we will have much of an Ozone in another year? Do people really care about the ozone? What are you doing to go green? We try to do our best, we are not perfect by any means, but we are trying one day at a time to make a difference.

13. Organ: It is an interesting instrument. I love listening to an organ being played. If you could play any instrument, which would you pick??? Hunter wants to learn the piano. :) I would love to learn to play the violin… You?

There you have this weeks letter.

Stay tuned next week for the letter “P”

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