Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wonderful find:


One day we decided to stop into the Dollar Tree and see what nice buys we could find for the day. I also wanted to get some art supplies for the girls, as we needed to stock up on our “Rainy Day” crafts.

While wandering down one of the isles, I stumbled across this cute bag, and normally I’m like they are to cheesy it will just fall apart… but this one was made of that nice plastic that is washable…if you happen to spill something on it. It has three small pockets along the front, and had velcro to help hold the big pocket closed.. Plus it had an adorable monkey on the front. I know wish I had picked up two. I may return to see if they have anymore left. (don’t you hate it when you kick yourself later for not buying a couple, I mean after all it was only a dollar)

Dollar Store Find 2

My plans for this bag?? Well, we are forever going to appointments, or car rides and pulling our hair out cause the kids are driving us crazy and bored. So they want to run, jump, or just whine. Therefore, I have decided to use this as our activity bag for on the go… I am going to stock it with a couple coloring books, crayons, book or two (Hunter likes to read when we are waiting on Doc’s) a few smaller toys, and sometimes maybe the gameboy. (not often, as I like them to use their imaginations) What do you use?? I’m always up for more ideas, so I can change out the bag every once and awhile, so they don’t get bored with the stuff. So please leave me a comment telling me what you have in your on the go bag???


Berry Patch said...

Great idea! I'd throw in some Handi-wipes and some snacks. Like boxes of raisins or something similar that won't go bad fast.

The Eagen's said...

I keep a little "treasure box" in the car for the kids. It's basically just filled with little odds and ends toys - matchbox cars, Princess figurines, small thing of Playdough, sunglasses, stickers, etc... It stays in the car and makes those rides to the doctors or to the grocery store a little less boring.

Tara said...

My girls are into Mad Libs right now - I love them because it's a fun way to work on grammar... there is the original and then there is a Mad Lib Jr - which I got for Beth. It lists the types of words in words banks for the kids to choose from. It's great because she's having fun and learning which words go where.

If you have (or want to make) a small flannel board, keep some of those flannel board cut outs for easy imaginative play - they stick nicely to cloth covered benches and chairs too.

For Peter, I keep snack - because otherwise I'll forget to bring some - and a Barrel of Monkeys.

We even have taken a white board that is plain on one side and that learning letters lines (don't know what that's really called) on the other side along with wipe off markers and an eraser (or tissues) - the kids love to practice their letters and draw pictures.