Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:




This weeks letter is “P”

1. Plaid: Not sure why but I enjoy plaids.. Wouldn’t wear them much, but like them in blankets and such. :)

2. Peanuts: Really the only nut I will eat willingly! I’m not a huge fan of nuts.

3. Ping Pong: Never really got the “Rules” for it, but think it can be a pretty fun game.

4. Pictures: My only really big hobby is taking pictures. I love pictures.. Black and White are my favorite. I love to just snap shots, and see what I get when I’m done. I would really like a new digital camera to support this hobby better!

5. Platypus: I think they are cool. I have never really read up much about them, but I think I will sometime soon. Can you imagine having a beak like that though?

6. Popcorn: This is a nice snack every once and awhile. But I hate it when the kernels get stuck in your teeth don’t you? I like to add a bit of cheese on mine… Yum!

7. Playground: We spend a lot time in the summer at the different playgrounds. We like to check out new ones as well. We are eager to see how the new one that is being built next to the library is going to be! 2 more months they should be done! (huge project, not just playground, out door music theater, parking lots, tennis court, and pools)

8. Plantains: Have you ever tried one? We like to pick a new fruit and vegetable when we go shopping to try every month… trying to expand my own and my kids food limits. We tried to fry our plantains, and the kids and I just didn’t really care for them.. but always up for a new one to try. We’ve found a lot that we do like, and a few that we don’t.

9. Power: Something I really couldn’t live with out. Not sure how they did it back in the day. Its a major part of my daily life, what about yours? What is one appliance you can’t live without?

10. Picnic's: Another one of our favorite things to do in the summer. Is to get a blanket pack a lunch and pick a spot to have a picnic….read the kids a story, and just enjoy our time together. We’ve even had a picnic in the house on rainy days… Just to make it more fun! We are planning our first picnic this weekend when we go to the beach. Such fun!

11. Pansy: Is a cute little flower I think. I enjoy cute little flower gardens…don’t you? I love how pretty all the flowers look together, nestled in like they belong. Gorgeous!

12. Potato:  How many potato’s does your family on average go through in a week? We can polish off a 5 pd bag in no time at our house. Why?? Cause we have 7 mouths who love mashed potatoes! How about you?

13. Pickles: I love pickles, does anyone else love pickles? I like sweet and dill.. Sweet for putting them on things like my hamburgers, and sandwiches.. Dill for when I just want to pop on in my mouth!
I also use the word “Pickles” quite often… when I get really mad, and don’t want to use a naughty word… or when I hurt myself. Why you ask?? Well my 4 yr old has started to copy me, so now we all say “Oh Pickles” Its rather cute!  What sayings do you use?

Well there you have this weeks letter “P”
Stay tuned for next week and the letter “Q” (this one could get tricky)

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Martha (FL) said...

Oh pickles is cute. I've been bad about my mouth lately. Need to clean it back up. I cut my finger in the driveway this morning on a lid from a can and very loudly said a not so nice word!!! Tara is the language police in our house.... she reprimands me when I slip!