Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hunter’s 7th Birthday!


Sniffles, Hunter is now officially “7”! Since everyone had to work on his birthday, other than me…. We decided to have his family party on Friday after his baseball game. (where might I add they all sang “Happy Birthday” to him, it was so cute, and he blushed)

We decided to do a Star Wars birthday for him this year. As he is so into them! He was very excited about this.. He even stopped to make a wish this year before blowing out the candles. (He truly is getting to big to fast)

Picture 009

Picture 012

He was very eager to find out what was below that wrapping paper! He was very happy with what he got.

Rachel gave him Socks, but not just any socks, his two favorites.. Yoda, and Dinosaurs!

Picture 003

Sage got him a Star Wars Calendar…. (way cool)

Picture 004

Mommy and Daddy got him two sets of Star Wars people, small set of Star Wars Lego’s, and a Keyboard..(to start learning to play the piano)

Picture 002

Nana and Papa got him two big sets of Star Wars people and vehicles! He was very excited!

Picture 008

I think he was very pleased.. and had a great birthday.. I’m still coming to terms with how big he is getting. He is a wonderful boy!


Berry Patch said...

Happy Birthday, Hunter! My guys are really in to Star Wars too. ;-)

The Eagen's said...

It looks like he received a lot of nice stuff. I'm glad that he had so much fun. Happy Birthday Hunter!

Tara said...

Happy Birthday - late... Gabi still misses you, Hunter, and she was glad to know you had a wonderful birthday!