Friday, April 24, 2009

Our Book Basket:

Over at “Happy Housewife” she came up with this great idea..that I just was eager to join in. Our family visits the library every week to every couple of weeks, and at any given time take out between 20-30 books for the kids. Phew! I don’t know about you but after a few months of this we start to run out of books to read. Our library however has a books by mail program as well, where you can request books from any of the other libraries in our county. That still doesn’t always help me if I don’t know what book I’m looking for, or what author you would like to research.. So, I think this Book Basket is a great idea. Gives people an idea of what books they may like to try before going to find it.

Here are the books we currently have in our Book basket (Bag in our case)…. I will also be updating them with a review as we read them, if you want to check back.

  • The Trouble with Cauliflower: Very cute book ... we enjoyed it and giggled with it. Ages 2-4

  • Little Raccoon’s Big Question by Miriam Schlein: We found this book to be perfect for the 2-4yr range. The Raccoon is in search of when his mom loves him the most. It was really cute.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day Dolores by Barbara Samuels: Cute book for the younger kids, teaches a great lesson about snooping in other peoples stuff.

  • Millie Waits for the mail by Alexandar Steffensmeier: We enjoyed this book a lot. It was cute, funny and also teaches a good lesson about being nice. My daughter liked it cause it was about a cow!

  • Pigs Love Potatoes by Anika & Christopher Denise: Also geared towards 2-4 yrs old, very cute book that helps with counting.

  • The Spiderwick Chronicles 4 (The Ironwood Tree) by Holly Black & Tony Diterlizzi: We loved this book just like the other three. It keeps my son on the edge of his seat, and he likes to compare it to the movie.

  • The Spiderwick Chronicles 5 (The Wrath of Mulgarath) by Holly Black & Tony Diterlizzi: My son loved the conclusion to this! We are very excited to know start the Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles series... Its a very good book for kids 7 or older.

  • Too many TOYS by David Shannon: Is just as good for a beginner reader as "David NO". My girls liked this book.. Age 2-4

  • The Ugly Duckling by Jerry Pinkney: Love this did my kids. They even got the concept when I asked ...that it was a story to teach you that everyone is different and that is ok. They are all a Swan in their own way.


Amanda said...

Great list. Requesting books by mail is an awesome option. Have a great weekend.

The Happy Housewife said...

Great list, now I have to find out if my library has the ability to get things from other counties. I am checking out The Trouble with Cauliflower this week. Thanks for linking up!

Amy said...

Good-looking list! I will have to look for some of these for my 2 1/2 yr old. :)