Friday, September 28, 2012

Neon Tiki Tribe Party & Review:







Have you heard of the Neon Tiki Tribe yet? Well, we just had the pleasure of getting to know them while having a party! They are a tribe of super-positive super-heroes. They showcase some really good moral stories in brilliant colors. They are also great for conversation starters if you are trying to approach a subject with your child.


Another great aspect to these books are that they have a special font to help dyslexic children read easier!


Tiki stands for T-thoughtful I-intelligent K-kind I-individual. Let’s meet the characters..


Zeke- Leader

He is the brave leader of the Neon Tiki Tribe. He has power times 2, and Vine propel


Dar- Speed

He is the fastest tiki on the planet. No one can catch the bad guys quicker than Dar!


Mowah- Strength

He uses his mighty tree trunk arms to knock down bad guys!


Tia- Intelligence

She is the smartest Tiki on the planet. There is no problem she can’t slove!



He is the one that discovered the Tiki’s one night in his grandma’s backyard. They instantly became best friends!


Sniff-Sniff – Nose

He is Greg’s trusted sidekick, and very best friend. Sniff-sniff always joins them on every mission.


Now that we have met the characters.. lets talk about the party!


My kids were super excited to show off their stuff to friends! We started our party by introducing all our friends to the books. We read all three books, so they could get familiar with the characters, and stories. Then we gave all the kids one of these super cool glasses, so they could have super powers too!!!






After that, I went around the room to see which character the kids thought they were the most like. Most of them thought they were most like Zeke, and the girls like Tia. My son says he is like Mowah, cause he has a big appetite. LOL!




Then we passed out some coloring pages, which you can find here.




While the kids played and pretended to be super hero’s, we ate Tiki Tribe Taco’s and Mowah Marshmallows and Chocolate S’mores!!! Nothing better than that right!!


We had a great time! The kids loved the books, and had fun with our giveaway of the t-shirt.






*I was given products by MomSelect and Neon Tiki Tribe in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% mine or my monkeys.




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