Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Monkey Man’s mishap…



So almost a month ago now..


Monkey Man was outside playing with his cousins, during our family reunion. The next thing I know, he comes in saying his hand hurts. I looked at it, and it looked sore, so I gave him some ice.


He went on to play on the slip and slide for a few hours. So, I’m thinking it was minor and he was ok. Yup, I was wrong. Upon coming home from dropping the hubby off at a meeting. Monkey Man was still hurting. Ice hadn’t made the swelling go down.. Since he was mainly complaining about his finger, I was really concerned with the fact that the swelling in his hand had not gone down.



(See the swelling on the top of the hand)


I decided to go to the ER, to be on the safe side. Upon arriving they took him straight to the x-ray department. Then brought us into quick care. The nurse was pretty sure that he broke it. So, we were preparing for the worst.


One the doctor came in, she looked it over. The x-ray didn’t show a break on the finger, but he had chipped his growth plate. (UGH) They decided to put him in a half cast, to help keep his finger steady. He was not impressed. He had to stay in it until we saw the Orthopedic. I couldn’t get him in until the following week. So he was in the half cast for two weeks.




(If you look hard you can see the black and blue)



(So not impressed)


When we finally saw the Orthopedic they saw another x-ray. On his x-ray they didn’t see the chip they originally thought was there. However, their might have been a slight shadow, wouldn’t know further until some healing started. So, we had to leave again with a new device on his hand. He was outfitted with a splint. This time he was stuck with it for a week.



(Getting better)


This was even worse, because he could move his fingers and use his hand. Which meant he kept trying to do things he shouldn’t be doing. (typical child of course)


After a week, we headed back to see the Orthopedic and get the verdict. Monkey Man was very nervous, but we were hopefully cause his hand looked 100 times better. It was determined that their was not facture, no chip, no nothing! He must have just sprained his finger REALLY bad. So, off came the splint. The doctor told him it would be a couple weeks more before it was fully healed, and that he needed to do some therapy on it. Doctor told him for therapy… to put his hand in hot soapy water after dinner and wash the dishes! (FOR REAL) Loved it!!! Monkey Man, was not impressed, but has been doing it, without complaint! Very proud of him!

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