Tuesday, September 11, 2012

“Not Back to School Day”



Every year our local Homeschool group likes to put together a field trip to celebrate the kids not going back to "regular" school, and starting our new year.

This year we went to a State Park about an hour away from home. Which was cool, cause as you remember we were trying to go to as many State Parks this year as we could. Mt. Blue State Park was not one we had yet made it to, so we enjoyed adding it to our list.

It was just a few of us that went this year.. However, they were mostly all people we knew which was cool. Plus we met a couple new families.

The weather cooperated with us, and we had sun. While it was a nice 65 degrees outside, the wind was rather chilly at times. That didn't stop the kids, they still found their way into the lake! BRRR!!!




It was a great day for all.. The kids got to play and visit with friends. While mommy had some nice conversations with grown ups!




It was a wonderful day, and a great way to start our new year off. Gives you that positive upbeat attitude you sometimes need to help you achieve greatness! We are very blessed to have such a wonderful, caring and helpful Homeschool community around us!

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