Thursday, September 15, 2011

Monkey Quest Review & Giveaway

My family was recently given the chance to try out a new game in the online world over at Nickelodeon called Monkey Quest. Seeing that I call my kids, monkeys.. I thought, how fitting to have them try this out!

In our house as a rule, me or my husband tries out a game before we allow the kids to play.. Just to see what it is like. We feel more confident and secure that way, knowing what they are playing. Of course this is not an issue, since my husband Monkey Dad loves to play online or video games.


Here is a little bit about Monkey Quest...
  • Geared towards kids 8-12
  • Takes place in the land of Ook
  • Can play for free
  • It’s a cooperative game
  • Fun!!!

Monkey Man has loved playing it, and thinks that it is very cool!


Since Monkey Dad was the one who played it the most, I had him assist me in this review... Here is what he had to say:
Monkey Quest is a very easy game to set up, no download at all and also very easy to set up a membership, although you do not need one to play at all.  I actually played for 5 hours before activating the membership just to see if it was something I would play or recommend to others for their children. It had a lot of fun playtime even without the membership. The game is definitely suited for children although some adults may find it a pleasant game to play if they like a more childlike game environment. Without a membership there are some areas that are not available to go to, but you can purchase access to those areas without getting a membership.
Once you purchase a membership, you are rewarded with a few instant perks, some extra bananas (the currency of the game) a bonus item, and most importantly access to areas for free while you are a member. Weather you are a member or not the environment is very child appropriate. You are not bothered by any kind of bad language or inappropriate behavior, like some games, and the game is designed to be cooperative, in such that some of the quests are made to be done by two or more people.
As far as game play goes, Monkey Dad (he plays a lot of different types of games) says that it is very well done, with decent graphics and smooth scrolling. It has a wide range of ways to change how you Monkey looks with both equipment and items that are just cosmetic ( he says you can get sideburns or a beard if you want). The game has a very easy leveling system that is used to determine which quests you can take and what items you can use or equip. It also has a very easy to use crafting system, in which you can get recipes to make both items to wear and items to use.
We are positive this is a game our Monkeys and Monkey Dad will be playing quite a bit.

One of my lucky 3 Crazy Monkey readers, will have the chance to win a $25 Nickelodeon Game Card (which can be used for a 3 Month Membership)

* I was given game card, and reusable bag in exchange for my honest review from MomSelect & Nickelodeon. All opinions are 100% mine and my monkeys.

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