Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge








1. It is officially fall here in North America...I realize not everyone who participates in the Hodgepodge lives in North America but if you do, what's your favorite memory of Summer 2011? If you're not in North America, what's your favorite memory of the season just ending on your side of the world?

Hmm.. my favorite Summer Memory. I would have to say our trip to the lake.. My grandma lives on a lake, and it was my favorite place as a child.. I love being able to share those memories with my kids.

2. Your favorite nut? You know I mean the edible kind, right?

If I have to chose it would be the peanut hands down cause I hate the rest, however.. I’m not a nut fan really at all. I eat peanuts occasionally, or like in a snickers bar, or peanut M & M’s ya know. Smile 

3. What activity puts your sense of balance to the test?

To the test?? Hmm.. crossing a high wire?? Nah, never done that. Sky diving?? Nope, never done that either, but I hope to one day. Not really sure, most likely something with heights.

4. How would you describe your sense of humor?

I have a pretty good one, but depends on my mood. I try to always be in a happy mood, but lets just face it, some days just really get to you. Ya know?

5. September 28th is National Ask a Stupid Question Day...what's your stupid question?

Don’t really have a stupid question to ask.. I mean really do they make a national day for EVERYTHING? I’m sure I’ve done my fair share of stupid questions, not so sure I saved them for this particular day though.

6. Roller skates~hula hoop~jump rope...which activity would you most enjoy? Yes, you have to choose.

I used to love roller skates, Not that great at the Hula Hoop, and I’m getting to old for the jump rope (just ask my girls) I would have to say roller skates, but be prepared to pick me up off the ground a few thousand times!

7. What's your most sentimental possession?

Hands down my photo’s and my scrapbooks! Only thing I really care about more than my kids. My mom used to tell me I was crazy for taking so many photo’s and couldn’t get over the money I spent on them. But my response was always simple.. My kids will have a book to walk them thru their life, and that way they can never forget the things that mean the most to them, or the things they were to young to remember!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Wow, October is in like 2 days!!! Where did the time go? Last time I checked the calendar I swear it was only July! Time flew so fast, I didn’t get to do nearly as many things as I wished I could have. Now, I have to think of the fun winter things I want to do, and plan a spectacular party for my daughters 8th Birthday!


Joyce said...

Oh September has been a blur here too...I'm thinking October will be similar. I guess it's good we have snowy winters...I need some at home time and being snowbound might be the only way to get it this year.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

It did go fast, huh?

I'm with Joyce! Snowbound, cozied under warm blankets with a great book!

But then again, I have 3 that will be playing basketball! ((sigh)) LOL

Amiee said...

I only have a small handful of pics from my childhood, and Hubs has even less :( My girls, on the other hand, have SO many pics of theirs! They can never say that I didn't take any pics of them. Ha!