Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge








1. What do you do at the first sign of a cold? Will you get a flu shot this year? 

 I start drinking lots of Orange Juice, and vitamin C…    I don’t usually get the flu shot, I just have my kids get it. Smile 

2. What advice can you give about how to conquer fear?

Not much, I have been trying to get over some fears myself. I keep reminding myself that not all fears are worth being scared of. Yeah, that’s it!

3. Share two good things about your life right now.

Umm… Homeschooling is going really good!

I really enjoy fall! Smile Yup, that’s as exciting as my life gets.

4. A hot fall fashion trend in 2011 is a return to sixties style...tunics with pants, shift dresses, pencil skirts, cinched waists, bold prints, high necklines and short lengths to name a few. How does this fashion trend fit with your wardrobe and personal sense of style?

I don’t really have a fashion sense. You find me in jeans and a t-shirt most of the time.

5. Were you involved in scouting as a kid? How about as an adult?

I was not in scouting as a kid..

But I have been a Girl Scout Leader for 6 yrs now… Sense my niece was in it, and now my own girls.

I have also been a Den Leader for Cub Scouts a couple yrs. This year, I have been let off the hook, my Husband is taking over for me!! Smile 

6. Apple, pear, plum, pumpkin...your favorite fall flavor?

I love apple, and pumpkin! Depends on what we are talking about. Love Apple Pie, Crisp, Bread, Muffins, and Cider…

I also love Pumpkin Coffee (from Dunkin Doughnuts, YUM) , bread, pie, and muffins.

7. What characteristics do you think are essential in a good teacher?

A good listener, patient, kind, caring… Wanting to be there, and not just their for a job.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

We have a lot of great field trips coming up! Smile We are having a great fall so far!

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