Monday, September 19, 2011

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September 19th, 2011

Outside my window... It is very sunny, but yet VERY chilly. Yes, fall is upon us. I am happy, yet sad about this. I love fall, but am sad to see summer go so quickly.  Plus that means cold & flu season is awaiting us now. Sad smile

I am thinking...  Really hope my cold goes away fast, and I am able to function well again. I don’t have time, nor to do I get sick days.

I am thankful for...  My husband who is being “me” today so I don’t get to far behind… on his day off from work. Smile 

From the learning rooms... We took today off, and we will catch up tomorrow. We are on our last week of our first 8 weeks. Next week starts our 2 weeks off, although, we will be doing some field trips, and crafts. Preparing for a party we have in the making… and preparing our gardens for winter, as well as hauling more wood to the wood shed. (think they will still consider it a break after this?)

From the kitchen...  Not sure today… I can’t remember what is on my menu (and its upstairs, and I’m downstairs)… plus since my hubby will be cooking it may turn into something different.

I am wearing...  Today my comfy stretch pants, and a sweatshirt, bundled under a blanket. BRR!

I am creating...  A fall themed party for my daughters 8th birthday party. I am actually super excited about this, as it has been awhile since, I’ve done this… and can’t wait! Hope it’s a great success!!!

I am going... To be super busy with all my preparations for winter, a birthday party, and scouts. My calendar is PACKED!

I am reading...  Next up is another Debbie MaComber book, and a Diana Palmer. Should have them both done by middle of the week.

I am hoping... The weather stays nice for most of the week, so we can get outside a few times, and enjoy a couple of trips we have coming up.

I am hearing...    My kids giggling while playing with toys… I think they are picking up to watch a movie soon. Love lazy days….

Around the house...  There is laundry to be done, folded and put away, dishes, and some tidying up. I think my hubby has done most of it for me though… YAY!

One of my favorite things... Having help when I’m not feeling well, and kids who are quiet and let me rest.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  This week we are going on a play date, Scouts, library run, doc appt, and a field trip… plus our weekend is booked. You?

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

A picture my Middle Monkey took at our Bugmania Field Trip.



Our Side of the Mountain said...

Oh, no! Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. (I'm supposed to be resting too! Ha! LOL) How nice that your DH can help you out!

How was Bug Maine-ia? Hopefully we'll get their NEXT year. Do you go to Earth Science Day next month too?

My plans? Yikes! LOL Soccer x 6, Scouts x 2. And that's not counting the weekend! ;)

And didn't it get chilly quick! Brrrr!

The Bertone's said...

Thanks... You'd better rest! :)

Bug Maine-ia was AWESOME! Super crowded in the morning (PS kids were there too) but the kids loved it. There are pictures on my homeschool blog- Http://

Wow, you are busy! We opted to not play soccer this year, cause my kids Scouts were taking up most weekends already.

Hope you have a fabulous week!