Monday, September 5, 2011

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September 5th, 2011

Outside my window...  It is sunny, but a bit overcast.  Gorgeous fall like day. Smile 

I am thinking...  Wow, how can it be September already.. at the end of this month, we have been back in Maine for a year.. Time sure has flown by.

I am thankful for...   The support of the people who helped us move, or encouraged us on our adventure again. I appreciate it, and it helped more than you can know at times.

From the learning rooms...   We are done with week 5! Starting on week 6!! Can you believe that? Time sure is flying. This week we are adding in a bit of science for Monkey Man. We have some field trips lined up for the next couple weeks too. Read more about it over at our Monkey School.

From the kitchen...  Not sure.. I’m thinking either a meatloaf,  or hamburgers?  Haven’t decided.

I am wearing...  My comfy jeans (which have so many holes in them, they need to be thrown away), t-shirt, and a hoodie!  (Have I mentioned I love fall??)

I am creating...   Our next 8 weeks of curriculum for school. I want the two weeks in-between to be just as much a vacation for me as them. Smile   Wouldn’t you know that stumbled across History Odyssey that I bought this year, and TOTALLY forgot I had it. So have been stressing about coming up with the money to buy it. (Brain is getting a bit lost up there)

I am going...   To hopefully get a hike in with the kids this week. We have been trying for weeks, but I always have things that need to be done. Sad smile  

I am reading...   A lot right now.. I have 6 books, from Kristen Hannah, Diana Palmer, and Barbara Delinsky

I am hoping...  To finish up my work, of getting the next 8 weeks finished, so I get my vacation. Planning for field trips and such.

I am hearing...    My kids screaming, instead of picking up. Gonna be a long day I think. Blah!

Around the house...   Not much to do, since we did all the cleaning this weekend… maybe a bit of cooking. We have  a bunch of people coming from my mom’s church in a few weeks to help with our siding, wood, and a few other things.. so I need to make some goodies for them to snack on.

One of my favorite things...  Spending days with my kids.. A smile comes across my face every time the bus goes by, and my kids aren’t getting on it.

A few plans for the rest of the week:   School, trip to Library, maybe a hike, cooking, and finishing up some work.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... 

Our tomatoes from the garden that we can barely keep up with.



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D said...

LOL on History Odyssey... I have done the same thing so many times. I almost bought Tyler a new handwriting book at conference, but decided to wait. Last week I found the same book in my stash of materials.

Glad school is going pretty well. Hang in there thru the bad spots. Lots of times after we take a break things (esp in Math) start to click with Tyler. I think he needs time to process.