Thursday, September 1, 2011

TOS Review: R&R Games “Pig Pile”


Does your family love games?? They are really big in our family…. A lot of our family nights, are playing board games. We really enjoy playing them. So, when I can merge education into it as well, it makes it all the better!

Our first review through TOS was for Pig Pile from R&R Games. The monkey’s were super excited to see a game. They were anxious to rip it open and try it out.


This game is made for kids ages 7- and up.  My 6yr old was able to play this game just fine though. You can play with 3 – 6 players, which is perfect for our family, since we have 5 to 6 people usually playing.  This game is a bit difficult to figure out the first time around, but after one round my monkey’s caught right on.

The box contains:
  • 80 Cards
  • 40 Little Pigs
  • Illustrated Instructions

It really reminds me of the game UNO, except with a bunch of little pigs! The idea of this game is to get rid of all your cards first and collect as many pigs as you can. This is a fast pace game, so keep your eyes open! Smile 

Monkey Man says he really loves this game cause it involves strategy … When I asked how, he replied “Cause you have to guess what card the next person is going to play Mom”
Middle Monkey says she likes this game because it fun to play and you can make other people grab the cards. (she won the first time they played)
Little Monkey says she enjoys it because it has neat cards like:
Hog Wash- which makes the pile go to a different pile you don’t have to use.
U-turn – Where you have to switch the direction the players get their turn.
Hog Wild- You can use as any card.
Hog tied- Where you skip someone's turn, cause you get to tie them up! (not for real of course mom)

Here are some pictures of my Monkey’s playing this game…




R&R Games has some really neat looking other games that you can get as well.  Another good looking one that my kids want to try now is To Many Cooks & Flea Circus..
To contact R&R Games, you can either call them at
or write them at:
R&R Games, Inc
P.O. Box 130195
Tampa, FL 33681

Buy It:
You can buy Pig Pile for $15.95 here at  To get 20% off til the end of the year, just enter the Code: CREW20   at the checkout.  ENJOY! Smile 

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*I received this game free from R&R Games, in exchange for a honest review.


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