Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Homeschool Mother’s Journal:








In my life this week…  it was frustrating… beyond frustrating. My kids are really testing me this month. I need the strength to get through it, cause right now, its not looking very promising!

In our homeschool this week…  We had a very rough week. Middle Monkey HATES math all of the sudden, and is making it hard to get done. So we spent a better part of the week playing catch up on these papers.

The girls are still doing really well, and we are super excited with all of our opportunities through TOS Crew. (you can see what they are on my side bar)

If you would like to see more about what we are doing, feel free to swing by our blog the Monkey School.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… If your child is overwhelmed with something take a step back and re evaluate. Find a way to teach it that is a bit more fun, to help get the concept through.

I am inspired by…  My children…cause no matter how much they struggle, they don’t lose their love for learning, they just find a new way to learn. Smile 

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… This week, we are going to hang low again, as we have a ton of cool field trips coming up soon.

We may go visit a friend of ours, that had surgery recently, and see if she needs anything.

Maybe try to set up a play date at a local park, with our friends… We need to get out and have some fun.

Then on Friday we have 4H … and we haven’t seen them for a month.   We are excited to start a new year! Smile 

My favorite thing this week was…  Watching my Middle Monkey which has special needs with Sensory Issues, thrive and have a really good week for her. She even did school work each day, without complaint and worked hard. So proud!

What’s working/not working for us…  is my son making things harder on everyone else, so we need to figure out a solution for the start of our next 8 weeks. Can’t believe we are going on to our 6th week. (time flies)

Questions/thoughts I have…  What have you done to make Multiplication come easier for your child? My son struggles with memorizing them, which then leads to hard time with our math work, leading us to our frustration.

Things I’m working on…  Being more patience… yup this could be a ongoing problem. My levels of stress are raising from other issues leaving me with a very short fuse lately. Ugh.. Sad smile

I’m reading…  I just got 6 more books from the library, varying with Debbie MaComber, Barbara Delinsky, and Kristen Hannah.

I’m cooking…  I think we are going to have spaghetti tonight… or a baked ziti of sorts. Sounds good, and easy! YUM!

I’m grateful for…  My mom and her ongoing patience with my kids, and helping me when I need it. She ROCKS!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…  My Middle Monkey’s first Tomato out of her garden. She was so proud…

Rach's Tomato 2


texastanya said...

Hi! I found you through the Homeschool Mother's Journal link-up. :)

I wanted to tell you that Times Tales has worked wonders for my son to learn his Multiplication facts. The DVD has short little stories about the numbers that are easy to remember. The problem and the answer are in the story. This was super simple and pretty inexpensive - especially knowing that I'll get to use it with my younger son once he is ready for multiplication.

Becca said...

My 9YO is also struggling to memorize her multiplication tables. We used Timez Attack [which you can find here ] the last month of our school year. It's a free game which appealed to me, and my daughter enjoyed playing it. I also heard about songs that have the times tables in them. I started with my library. The first one we got she HATED the music. The second one we previewed, she liked MUCH better. So I am going to buy us a copy and we'll spend time listening to that.

Becca said...

SORRY! Here's the url: