Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:


This weeks letter is “X”
I may not be able to come up with 13, but I will try my best!

1. X-ray: I have had a few of these. More than I would care to have, but have yet to ever really break any bones, just came darn close, and a few times wished I had, cause it would have been less painful! :)

2. X-mas: I love this slang word for Christmas as it makes it easier to write when in a hurry! Lazy I know! Lol!

3. Xenodocheionology: Can anyone guess what this word is? No, ok I will tell you then. It means “love for Hotels”. Interesting don’t you think?

4. Xerotic: I would rather live in an area like this, instead of a humid state. However, no plans for me to move to Arizona anytime soon!

5. Xiphopagus: Another word I would like to share with you. Do you know what this one means? It means conjoined twins joined by a band of flesh on the torso. Can you imagine how many words are out there that we never knew?

6. Xylology: I think this profession might be interesting… What do you think? Do think it would be fun to study wood all day long?? How many different kinds do you think exists!

7. Xylopolist: This is a person that sells wood! Interesting name don’t you think?

8. Xylotypographic: A process printed from wooden blocks. I love prints made from blocks, aren’t they very unique?

9. Xography: Another interesting word. This means photographic process for producing three-dimensional images.

10. Xenurine: The girls and I saw an Armadillo this morning. This is a species of armadillo!

11. Xenodochial: This has lots its meaning in our world I think for the most part anyhow! I do think that it needs to make a come back… and I work on it with my kids often. This word means: hospitable; kindly to strangers!

12. Xebec: Hunter thought this word was neat. As it means small three-masted pirate ship. What little boy doesn’t like a good pirate ship??

13. Xanthometer: Another good word to add to your vocabulary! I love to look up new words every now and again how about you? This one means: instrument for measuring color of sea or lake water!

I hope you enjoyed my “X” list and learned some new words. I know I did! Only two more letters left… so if their are any special Thursday thirteen’s you would like to see me do… feel free to leave me a message! Have a good weekend!
Stay tuned next week for the letter “Y”

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Sherry said...

Oh, wow! I've never heard of most of these. LOL!