Friday, June 12, 2009

Mini Vacation in Maine:


My trip to Maine was a bit of a whirlwind, and went a bit to quickly… It was great to see my parents, grandmother, and close friends, just wish I had more time to see them. It was however sad to say goodbye to my baby boy for 2 months. I was a bit emotional I will admit. Since I don’t want to take up to many hours of your day reading this, here are a few pictures to highlight my trip!

Hanging with Moose waiting for our plane 
Waiting at the Orlando Airport!

Finally after a delay, and almost missing our next plane, landed in Portland Maine!
We arrived in Portland ME at 12am… He was freezing!

Ashely Graduation night 
She graduated! My time flies by!

Hunter holding one of Mom's chickens
Hunter played with mom’s new chickens!

Visited with my friend Chad and his son Logan!

Great Grammie with Hunter 
Had dinner with family… Great Grandma (my gram) and Hunter

View from Gram's porch 
One of my favorite places to be!

To cute! 
Last but not least a good visit with my BFF and her kids… (this is Silas loving is Mac & Cheese!)

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The Eagen's said...

I was so glad to get a chance to see you! I wish we would have had more time together but we will on your next trip, I promise. Hope you had a great time!