Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boredom Buster:


At summer camp the girls made a few instruments as seen here. As I was looking them over when they came home… I realized how easy they were to make, and that it would be a perfect rainy day project, or a boredom buster during the summer… First we will start with the Shaker.


As you can see they are just some small juice bottles. So when your kids are done using them, rinse them out and set aside. Then you can let them color or decorate the outside to make them pretty. Then just add a cup of rice and tape the lid on. (so to not have any accidental messes) Then there you have it!


These were just as easy….. The plastic part are just empty fruit or jello cups, washed out. Then you can color or decorate the outside again. Put a hole through the top to put a pipe cleaner thru for a handle. Then attach a bell on the other end of the pipe cleaner, and go to town! So cute, and yet simple!

Trumpet Blast

We call these Trumpet Blasts. They are just a toliet paper tube…. with a piece of water paper, colored or decorated glued on it. Then take a small circle of wax paper over the end, held by an elastic, and for extra measure and looks, tie a pretty string around it as well. Now these are not meant to blow in, or the wax paper falls off. You just hum into it, and it makes it sound louder. My girls go around yelling “TOOT, TOOT” in them!

All you need is a drum, and you would have a mini band! Get your kids to march around the house or outside pretending to be in a marching band. An easy way to get their imaginations going!

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