Saturday, June 27, 2009

Explorations V

Last week I wrote a post about some places we would like to visit, which you can find here. We decided on Monday it was so hot out, and we wanted to get out of the house and have some fun, so we ventured off to Lakeland to the Children’s Museum!  (warning this post might get long with pictures…)

Lakeland is not a far ride from here really. Its about a half hour, so the girls were good for the ride, and anxious to see where we were going. I made it be a surprise! We parked a block away.. and walked to the museum to have a longer… on street parking was only for 2hrs.

Across the street from the museum was this beautiful park… with a few benches and a water fountain. Not sure what I love so much about them, but I find them absolutely beautiful! We ended up getting a 3 month pass cause it was $10 more than what we would have had to pay to get in.  So we now have til the end of September to go back and enjoy the museum as much as we would like.  We are eager to do this… and then if we like we can get a year pass for only $60 for our whole family with 6 other places we can also get into. However, they are a ways away from us, so not sure how much we would utilize that.

The first floor had so much stuff to offer, a water table, that showed the water cycle.. a police car, fire truck, theater, post office, space shuttle, doctor’s office, airplane, gazebo, TV station, bank, and grocery store! Here a  few of my favorite photo’s from this floor!

Picture 004

Picture 010

Picture 011

Picture 013

Picture 096

Picture 018

Picture 020

From there we went downstairs… which was only one big Orange grove and factory! This was really cool. As they had fake trees with little plastic oranges on them for the kids to pick, and a truck for them to pretend to drive and bring the oranges to their destination. Then there was this big playground that had plastic tubes you could send the oranges thru to either a house, grove stand, or the Juice factory… It was so hands on and imaginative! The girls loved it. Here are my best photo’s from there:

Picture 034

Picture 033

Picture 035

Picture 038

Picture 049

Picture 052

Picture 039

Picture 056

After our adventures in learning how oranges get from trees to juice we headed up to the 2nd floor… Where it was more mind related. The girls were not a huge fan of this part, but did find a few fun things to do with daddy. They built an arch which stayed standing until after we got downstairs. Plus a few other cool things they played with… here are some of those photo’s:

Picture 078

Picture 075

Picture 068

That concludes are trip to the Explorations V Children’s Museum. The kids had a blast and loved all the stuff they could do. Their favorite part of the whole place was of course the grocery store. They spent almost 3 hrs in there. Happy as clams! If only I had room to build one of those at home!  Be sure to stop by again tomorrow and see the other cool places we saw in Lakeland…
I’m leaving you with a couple pictures of this cool mural they had in the elevator there. 

Picture 064

Picture 065

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Berry Patch said...

I love children museums but I'm pretty sure my kids love them more. ;-) Great photos!