Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:




This weeks letter is “W”

1. Watermelon: What better treat in the summer than a nice, sweet, juicy watermelon??? Oh they are wonderful! I love them, and my kids love them. We are anixous to try to grow some this year.

2. Weekend: The weekends are really no different for us here, than the week.. as my hubby rarely gets them off. We do sometimes do fun things on the weekends, but they are not really anymore special. What do you like best about the weekends?

3. Walk: Our family loves to go for walks. We like to walk thru the neighborhood, or go to a State Park or Trail system and go for walks. What is your families favorite pass time together?

4. Wagon: One of my sons favorite toys as a child was a wagon. He loved to go for rides in it, or to just pull it around the yard.

5. Wiggle: Do children have a wiggle put in them when they are born? Or do they develop it later on? My kids love to wiggle. They can not sit still!

6. Worms: I am not a big fan of worms. I will not scream if I touch one, or go crazy, but they are slimy and icky! I do find it fascinating how they dig thru the dirt by eating their way thru.

7. Words: I find the power of words so amazing. You wouldn’t think that something so little would be so big!

8. Wire: Is one of the most useful things that one can have. It can be used for so many different things. I suggest keeping some on hand.

9. Wasp: I do not like bee’s or wasp’s. I was stung many times as a child, and developed a slight fear of them. My son is allergic to them… so we are very careful around them.

10. White: I can not wear this color. I would have it stained within minutes of putting it on. Does anyone else have this problem? I think it comes with being a mom, its in the handbook “Don’t wear white”.

11. Whistle: Can you whistle? I can a little. I remember practicing as a child, it was kinda funny. Now I get to watch my kids try and practice to whistle. Hunter tries so hard its just cute.

12. Water: I was never afraid of the water.. As a child I feel in the pool several times and almost drowned a couple of them… That never stopped me from getting back in though. I love to swim, even to this day. My children do too… only know I’m the mom that has to worry about my child drowning (my poor mother)… my kids have no fear when it comes to water either.

13. Winter: I do have to admit, I did not miss the winter back in Maine. Snow was not a concern! It was nice… Winter here was beautiful and like spring… what more can you ask for???

Stay tuned for next week and the letter “X”

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Martha in PA said...

Great "W"s. White, let's not even talk about wearing white!