Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our list of places we want to go:


 Within the next two years… The kids and I have complied this list. If they have a website associated with it, I’ll include it and the cost….

  • The Florida Aquarium in Tampa:  My children love anything to do with Science… so the Aquarium would be a perfect fit for us. Only about an hour away…  The cost for a family of 4 membership is $140 and an additional $25 per person added. Our its $19.95 for adults, and $14.95 for children.
  • MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry): This is more for Hunter… He loves museums like this. I can’t wait to take him here and enjoy it with him. A membership for here for a family of 5 is $99 or its $20.95 for adults and $16.95 for children.
  • Kennedy Space Center: This to is more for Hunter as he is really into Science, Space and such. He was so excited to watch the shuttles go up this year. You can even purchase tickets to get close to watch the Shuttles take off, I’d like to do that some day with him. Tickets are $38 for Adults, and $28 for Children (3-11) its extra if you want guided tours. You can go HERE for more information.
  • Orlando Science Center: This one is more for Hunter but I think that all 3 kids will have fun with it! We are anxious to visit! They have many different exhibits that you can find Here! Their prices are $17 for Adults and $12 for kids… Or you can get a Year membership for $125 (which is what I think we might do)
  • Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo: This is for all our kids, cause they enjoy animals so much! We are hoping to actually get a Annual pass soon. There are so many extras and for a big family it is just more cost effective. If you would like to look for yourself go HERE. Prices are $19.95 for Adults and $14.95 for Children 3-11.
  • Bush Gardens: I went here when I was a kid about 10 yrs old. I still remember it to this day. It was fun. I’m sure it has only gotten better over the last 20 yrs. (yes I said 20) So I would like to take my kids their at some point. Bush Gardens has a lot to offer, rides, animals and more. As Florida residents, the prices are $69.95 for an Adult, and $59.95 for Children 3-9 and then you get to come back all year with their new Fun Card.
  • MOTE Aquarium: looks interesting and I think the kids would enjoy it a lot. Its got lots of Marine Life, touch pools, and do Eco Boat Tours too. Their prices are $17 for Adults, and Children 4-12 are $12. Doable for a family on a budget. Be sure to check them out HERE.
  • The Children’s Art Museum: They have hands on experiences that bring art to life. A big place to play! Very reasonable for a rainy day or something… Adults and Children are only $4, Children 2 and under are free! Check them out HERE!
  • Gardens of Bok Tower: This one we are working on getting into free. If we hike 4 other trails in Polk County we can get in free. But even without doing that this place looks cool. Its got amazing gardens, a wildlife preserve and a 205 ft neo-gothic and art deco 60 bell tower. Prices are normally $10 for Adults, $3 for Children 5 and up.
  • Explorations V Children’s Museum: This one is located in Lakeland. Very hands on for younger children, with interactive exhibits like a post office, grocery store, bank, and TV station. Great place to visit on a rainy day or a day were you just need to get out of the house! This Museum is only $5 to get in from ages 2-Adult! Our get a Membership for 2 Adults and 5 Children for the year for only $60!
  • Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park: We were suppose to go here with Boy scouts, but wasn’t able to make it. This looks like a great place to visit to enjoy what wildlife Florida has to offer, we love to visit our State parks! Homosassa offers classes on Manatee’s, alligators and other wildlife. Their prices are $9 for Adults, and $5 for Children!
  • Tree Hill Animal Encounter: This one is a bit farther away from us in Jacksonville. However, looks like a neat experience if we ever make it up there to visit friends! They have guided tours, and native animal encounters as well. All for a nice price of $2 for Adults and $1 for Children. If you are in the area be sure to check them out!

That is our beginning list of things in Florida that we would like to explore. Its fun to get to know the exciting places your home state has to offer! If you have any other places to check out in Florida let us know. We are always up for an adventure. We will cross them off as we get a chance to visit them.


Berry Patch said...

Look in to a reciprocal membership. You buy one big family membership that will allow you to get in to multiple zoos/museums/etc. There is one here in ME. I can buy one to the Children's Museum in Bangor for $125 for the whole family & it allows me to get in to all of them in ME plus NH & MA (including the science museum & children's museum in Boston). It's worth checking out. One of the websites for the places you want to see should have info or call & ask. That would saver you lots.

The list looks like FUN!

Martha in PA said...

The Science Center is great. One of the places that Tara wanted to go again and again (and we did to MANY birthday parties). I liked to wait until I knew there were new
exhibits, or it got kind of old after a time or two for me!

Busch Gardens and the Aquarium are great too. Busch Gardens, like Disney needs more than one day! Check out if they have a pass that you can get into Sea World too if you haven't been there. I think Tara liked that more than Disney!

That reminds me, I have to cancel our Sea World/Busch Garden passes, I pay monthly for that one!