Tuesday, June 30, 2009



When the girls got hungry we went out and explored a bit… We walked a block down the street to a nearby Pizza place… they served “New York” style pizza, and boy wasn’t it delish! I forgot to take a picture of it, but I did get this mural on the wall outside.

Pizza place mural

After lunch we took the long way back to the museum to get some fresh air and walk a bit. On the next block over we found these neat statues……

Man on a ladder

Angel statue I think

Mom and child one 

Then we found a park on our way back… so of course we had to stop.  Here are a few shots from that.

Cute butterfly in the park

Walk way of the park

View from the park

I didn’t get as many as hoped cause Sage fell head first down a set of cement stairs… only to get boo-boo’s on her knee! Phew!
I could have spent all day at this park, the girls didn’t feel the same way!

Our family loves to explore new places. What better way to spend your summer with some inexpensive fun, then go to a town you haven’t been to and see what it has to offer? Plus get some exercise in the process!  What kinds of things have you been up to this summer???


Martha in PA said...

Looks like a great park! I hope Sage's boo-boo is okay!

Berry Patch said...

I always love exploring new places. Glad to hear that Sage is okay. How scary!