Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Target deals from this week:


This week I left armed with my coupons and found myself some good deals. I had $27 dollars worth of stuff and only spent $9.17! Not to bad, I don’t think! My majority of stuff was of the First Aid variety. Being summer it never hurts to stock up on that sort of stuff, as my kids often get boo-boo’s! Target had a deal that if you bought 3 items from its end cap, you could get a red First Aid bag for free. Well, I was sold, as I needed the item and had coupons for a couple and the bag was just a cool bonus. I always need a spot to store them for those running out the door moments. I never leave home without a first aid kit. I have one in my car, our trip backpack, my purse, and a spare for any other occasion we might need one.  Do you have more than one? What do you keep in your First Aid kit?
Here is a picture of what I got for my $9!

Picture 001_edited

I had coupons for the band aids and Neosporin spray.. Two other items I got not shown here are the Pure essentials Dawn dish soap normal 2.59 I got if for 1.09. Plus a 20 pack of Purex Complete 3-1 Laundry soap. Which go for 5.94 and I got them for free. (there is a $2 coupon in this last weekends Smart Source coupons) And after the 3 items I got that Red First Aid bag for free which was 4.98. Now I’m stocked for summer, and I got my laundry and dish soap out of the way too! Did you find any bargains this week?


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Anonymous said...

I need to stock up on our first aid kit. I usually buy our grocery store brand name band-aids, because they are very cheap. I don't do coupons, they do not work for me. :( How did you get the first-aid kit free?