Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:


This week’s letter is “Y”
Yes that is right one more week and I’m done with the alphabet! Let’s see how I do with this one!

1. Yodel: I always thought the yodeling on the Sound of Music was cool. Can you Yodel? I know I can’t! I think it is kinda neat sometimes though.

2. Yams: I have never been a big fan of Yams. I tried them a couple of times, but didn’t think they were that great. Maybe its just the way my husband makes them! LOL! Anybody got a good recipe for them? Do you like Yams?

3. Yankee-Doodle: Is like one of the biggest songs that have always stuck in my head since I was a child. What is so darn cute about a guy who sticks macaroni in his hat??

4. Yap: I have been told on a few occasions that I tend to Yap a lot. I will admit, I can carry on for hours over nothing…but still not sure where I got my gift of “Yap” from? Do you like to talk?

5. Yogurt: I like a few yogurts. My favorite are the Yoplait whips… (specifically the strawberry) My kids will eat any and all yogurt put in front of them. They love it, plain, flavored or with extras on top! Do you have a favorite brand or flavor?

6. Yard Sales: I have never had “A Lot” of these, however I love to go to them. You know never know what kinds of bargains your going to find, or treasures you might stumble upon. I mean why buy brand new clothes for your kids when they are going to just play in them and ruin them in less than 2 times of wearing? Right? What was your favorite yard sale find?

7. Yarn: I used to collect some yarn. Not sure why really… as I was never a good knitter and couldn’t crochet but in a straight line. We occasionally used them for crafts, but I think it was the wide range of colors that appealed to me! I know, silly!

8. Year: Can you believe the year is officially half over? I mean what the heck?? It just started did it not? How can it really be that in 3 months we have been in Florida for a Year already??? I love that time doesn’t always drag, but I don’t like it when it goes so quickly either!

9. Yeast: I remember the first time I used Yeast to cook. Boy was it interesting. I couldn’t tell what was the right temperature of water without going to hot, or to cold. Why does it need to be so complicated???

10. Yellow: It was never really one of my favorite colors, but I must say it is starting to grow on me. As I get older, I’m liking the splashes of color a bit more. What is your favorite bright color?

11. Yellowstone National Park: This is one of those places on my list of places I would love to one day visit. Yes I will admit my list is a bit long, but I will someday manage to hit a few of them! What fun is life without a few cross country road trips really??

12. Yippee: Is by far one of my most favorite slang terms I love to use! I mean who doesn’t want to be saying Yippee!!! :)

13. Yo-Yo: A wonderful toy from my childhood. I always thought they were slightly boring then. I now find them fun, but get frustrated that I can’t do very well. Hunter has taken on trying to learn how to properly use one now. He is so cute trying!

Next week is the finally alphabet week. Ending with the letter “Z”
Should be a fun one to complete!
I’m still hoping to hear from some of you on some ideas for my continued “Thursday Thirteen” Posts… We would love to hear what you think! :)

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