Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Star Wars Weekend


Every year at Disney they have 4 weekends at the end of May thru to the middle of June where they do “Star Wars” weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s. This is where you can meet the people who play the characters, or do the voices. Plus they have all the characters around the park to meet and get autograph’s and pictures. Seeing that my husband and son are so big into Star Wars we decided to do this one big last thing before Hunter left for his trip to Maine for the summer. We picked second weekend of them, this past weekend to go.

It was hot and very humid this past weekend, so the kids were a bit cranky, but not bad. We got lots of pictures of characters, and some autographs. Hunter missed a few he would have liked to have gotten, but there is always next year.

The girls like Star Wars, but are not completely into it, so of course we did some other stuff too. Sage loved the Playhouse Disney show, where she got to see her favorites from “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”, “The Little Einstein's”, “My Friend Tigger & Pooh”, and “Handy Manny”. Then she got to meet and get some pictures we a few of them. The other fun part that Rachel really enjoyed, was the new “Toy Story” ride…. similar to the Buzz Lightyear ride in the Magic Kingdom, but lots more fun. We suggest this ride if you go, but make sure to get Fastpasses, as the lines are crazy up to 2hrs wait time!

All and all we had a wonderful day and got to see lots of stuff. Great end to the weekend….. and start to summer! Here are a few photo’s of our day!

Again with Ahsoka 
Kids with Ahsoka


Hunter with Darth Maul 
Hunter with Darth Maul

Hunter, Rach, Sage with Handy Manny
Kids with Handy Manny!

Kids with Carl and Dog 
They even got to see the new characters from “UP” Carl and Dog!

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