Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friday Nights:


Since the cost of everything is so high these days… and getting out of the house to do anything as a family has to be pretty well thought over. We make every other Friday a movie night at our house. The kids pick a movie, we make homemade pizza, and usually have something special for a snack.

Did you know for a family of 7 it costs nearly $60 for you to see a movie at the Theatre…(and that does not include snacks) We have converted to using the Redbox where you only pay a dollar to rent a movie… and if for some reason it is late the next day its only a dollar late charge. Can’t beat that right??? Plus you can go only to reserve a movie and have it ready to pick up at your favorite Redbox location.

Our movie choice

The kids choose “Benji off the leash” for this past movie night. We all enjoyed it, and laughed at how clever a dog can be! Here a few more shots of our night:

Hunter on Movie night

Hunter all snuggled in to watch the movie!

Our new popcorn containers

Our cool popcorn containers (found in the $1 spot at Target)

Rachel on Movie night

Rachel ready for the movie to get going!

Sage on Movie night

Sage always posing for her picture! (excuse her mouth full of food)

What are some low cost family activities you enjoy doing?? We are always looking for new ideas!


Martha (FL) said...

Looks like a great night. Tara and I love to go to the movies, but we are only two! We love movie nights and Redbox too, only I have 7 Pounds and have forgotten to take it back for 2 days. Still cheaper than Blockbuster!

It is so hard to find low cost things to do.... even if places are free.... you wind up spending on other stuff!

Have a good weekend... we need to head to the Farmer's Market and get an earring I bought last week fixed!

Stinson Family said...

I love your movie nights with the popcorn and all. I can't think of anything that we do right now, Abby being soo young. If I can I will let you know.

Berry Patch said...

Great idea! Oh & there is a Redbox code for Mondays that allows for a free rental. Just a heads up. I see it posted on some of my frugal blogs each week. Let me know if you are interested& I'll pass that along.