Friday, April 6, 2012

TOS Review: TruthQuest History





History is one of my Monkey’s favorite subjects. We just love to learn about all the history we can. Monkey Man is stuck on anything that teaches about Ancient Greece right now.

TruthQuest History guides are a wonderful resource if you have a history lover like me. These guides are a great chronological time periods of history. They are geared toward older children, however they have reading list for younger children as well. All of which you can find at your local library. I know, because upon receiving this I went through and requested a bunch of books to go with it.




Honestly, I was a bit worried about this at first. Why? Well, this is not like any other History curriculum I have used or even looked at before. We are used to straight forward, lessons planned out for us curriculum. This made me a bit nervous. Being a still new to the homeschooling world (only my 2nd year).. I still struggle sometimes with putting good lessons together.


There was really no need for me to worry though. Upon opening the book, the first few pages were “Notes to Dad & Mom”, it was almost like they knew I need that. In this section it gives you suggestions on how to plan your lessons. Smile


What to expect in the guide:

  • A summary to each section
  • Reading lists, by grade level
  • ThinkWrite- are placed throughout the guide
  • An Appendix in the back of the guide that gives you sample answers to your ThinkWrite sections.

Middle Monkey really enjoyed this History. He loves to learn it so much, that we only made it through a few of the sections. He wanted to read a majority of the books listed for each section. Plus we did a few projects to go along with a section.

I really loved how it really can be a self guided History program. He could just sit and read the books, do this ThinkWrite, and then come to me with what he learned. He loved the independence he got along with it, while learning something he loved.

Defiantly a program I think we will be using more of in the future.

TruthQuest History Guides, has many different guides to choose from depending on what part of history you are in. The Ancient Greece Guide starts at $19.95 for the PDF or $24.95 for the book. You can see a sample section here.

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*Disclaimer: I was given TruthQuest History Guide to review, in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Crew. All opinions are 100% mine or my monkeys.

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