Saturday, April 14, 2012

TOS Review: AIMS







AIMS? Have you heard of them before? We have had the privilege of reviewing two of their products this year.

We were super excited to get the opportunity for this second one. This time we were able to review AIMS Fabulous Fractions.

Math is a strong subject in this house, for everyone but me. (Haha) However, Monkey Man was struggling a bit with fractions. Which can you really blame him? They can be a bit confusing.



AIMS has a way of making the fractions fun. The best part of it for us, is that they make it hands on. Monkey Man is a very visual learner, so the hands on part makes it much easier for him to understand it.

Monkey Man always starts by wanting to know why we need to know these things. So, I usually try to start by showing him daily things were we use fractions. Which was not hard this time. I explained that fractions are important to know for cooking (which he helps with) and also for carpentry (which he saw first hand during our construction).

There are many group activities you can use with this curriculum, which got a bit tricky sometimes with us. However, some of it was something I could teach the girls as well, simple concepts anyway..

The book has 4 different sections:

  • Concepts, Models, and Operations
  • Applications
  • Playful and Intelligent Practice
  • Assessment

This book is geared towards Grades 3-5 and has 22 activities.


Monkey Man’s Thoughts:

He said he thought the way they taught fractions was better than the way I tried to teach them. He still find them a bit confusing. However, he loves the hands on parts. He says they make more sense.

My Thoughts:

I think that AIMS is a great curriculum. I think it is wonderful how they break the concepts down to understand. Using crayons, people, or circles.  While some of the activities are wonderful, lots are geared towards groups. We could make this work, but others might not be able too.

Check out a preview of this book here


AIMS Fabulous Fractions are very reasonable in price. You can purchase the book for $ 21.95 or you can get the PDF file for $ 19.95.

They have so many other books to choose from as well. Great resource to add to your curriculum you are already using! See what the other TOS Crew members are saying.

* AIMS gave us a copy of this book for review, in exchange for our honest opinion as part of the TOS Crew. All opinions are 100% mine or my monkey’s.

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