Thursday, April 26, 2012

Amazing food…



Any of you that follow me on Facebook… Have probably seen me asking and trying to figure out how to get a Bountiful Basket Program in my area.

There is nothing better to me, than fresh fruit and vegetables. However, not everyone can achieve that, or afford it. So, I had started a mission to find out a way to get one in our area.

However, I didn’t have to! I was going through some status updates on my page, and saw someone talking about a similar program here in our area. I was beyond excited!!!

So, within a few minutes flat.. I had gone on and signed up for this program. I am all for helping the local farmers, and our local economy. The Local CSA, has a program called the “Pickup”. Every Wednesday we pick up a basket that has great local products in it. Depending on what is in season.

Here is one from last week…



In this basket we had salad greens, pea shoots, potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, salad turnips, radishes, frozen strawberries, beans, and gouda cheese.

The night we got them, we made an amazing salad with all our salad ingredients, and roasted the potatoes, and artichokes to go along with dinner. I love eating fresh, and local. Smile 



One of the best things I am loving from this program is that my kids eat more fresh foods, but also are so much more likely to try new things. That night they tried 3 new things, and liked them all. Its great!

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