Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our weekend…



Sorry, I’m a few days late getting this up. I have been super busy with our weekly activities, and appointments.

Then I had to work on my car, and get it ready for inspection. Oh, so many things to do as an adult!

Back to our weekend…

We had a great time, and I even relaxed! Can you believe that? Our first night, we had dinner, and then headed down to go swimming.. the only problem was for a heated pool, it was cool.  I love to swim, but I couldn’t even bare being in it. Off to the hot tub I went! The kids mustered through it, and swam for a bit, till they were to cold.

Then we had a snack, watched some TV, and headed to bed.

On the following day we had a bit more fun. Went to our all time favorite store Goodwill, and got some great deals. Got a bunch of books for school (lol, couldn’t help myself), a new jacket, and a few pairs of pants for hubby! Then we headed off to the Mall. It has been 4 yrs since we had been to the mall. Boy has a lot changed! One thing made me super happy though, they put in a Johnny Rockets in the Food Court, while not a full restaurant it is there! Loved that place when we lived in FL.

While at the mall we had lunch at the food court. Which for a family of five, is sometimes a good thing. Monkey Man got Teriyaki Chicken at the Japanese place. Girls got spaghetti at the pizza place, and me and hubs got orange chicken at Panda Express! YUM!


After the mall we headed to the Scout Shop, and got Middle Monkey his Boy Scout shirt for next year. Then back to our room to go swimming again.



Grabbed a quick dinner and head off to the highlight of our weekend… Disney on Ice!!! We met up with friends from our Girl Scout Troop. This years was Treasure Trove, which included a few new acts we hadn’t seen. Here are a few pictures from our night…









After the show, we headed back to our hotel, and watched some TV. The kids made it till midnight when they and I finally passed out.

The following morning, we got up and slowly got our stuff together, and packed up. After we checked out, we headed off to the Girl Scout Shop, where I got some patches for my troop. (they are going to be super excited) Then we made a stop at Toys R Us, so Little Monkey could pick out a toy and pay with money she got from her Nana & Papa.  That totally made her day!


Then we made a quick stop off at the bookstore. They put in a Books-a-million! I’m so excited to have one in the state. LOVE that place!

Then we headed off to the mall, to finish the half we didn’t do the day before. We also met up with our friends again, and hang out for a few minutes.  

Before going away, we knew that there was a Cracker Barrel near where we were staying, and we love it. Unfortunately the only one in the state of Maine, is 2 hrs away from us. So we knew that was one place we wanted to stop before coming back home. Therefore, that was were we went for lunch. Yum! I got my favorite Chicken Sandwich!

After that, we got gas, and headed towards home… We were sad to leave, but had a great time, and made some great memories.  Just what we all needed!

What did you do last weekend? Have you ever been to a Disney on Ice Show?

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Karin said...

Never been to a Disney on Ice Show. Actually have never been to most of the places mentioned in your post. .... except Goodwill!

Enjoyed reading about your weekend.