Saturday, February 25, 2012

TOS Review: Reading Eggs






So, your probably thinking Reading Eggs?? What in the world is that??! Well, Reading Eggs is an online learning game to help children learn to, or advance their reading.

Reading is the most important thing your child will ever really learn in school… So, normally I was stressed right out when it came to teaching my youngest to read. (The other two had learned in Public School) I was so worried, was I doing it right? Did I really even know what I was doing? All these questions and more came flooding through my head!


What can Reading Eggs offer your child?

Well the program was developed by teachers. It focuses on phonics, and sight word skills. The fun graphic’s, songs, and games, make it lots of fun. Thus, making them want to learn more and more. They now have a 100 lessons for 4 to 7 yr olds. They are in the process of making more lessons for the Eggsplorers, which is designed for 6-8 yr olds.

So what does Reading Eggs look like? Here are a few screen shots that kind of show you what to expect with Reading Eggs. They start with a test, to see where your child is at. I’m not sure I hold a lot of faith in that test. As my daughter placed lower than she was.


Then you start off…  The computer will say a sentence out loud, and you have to click on the one that they said. (Great for recognition)

This screen shot, is showing you were they tell you a sentence, and then you have to drag the words to the top.. and put them in order in the boxes.


What did Little Monkey think

Really she is easy to please… Where I found some of the lessons kind of to easy for her, she enjoyed them just the same. She did really good with it, and found it very enjoyable. She said it was very fun!

My thoughts:

I think that while this is great concept, it really depends on the child. My middle child gave it a bit of a go, as she still struggles with reading at times. However, she didn’t find it as fun as Little Monkey.

Plus I personal don’t think that I would want to pay that much for this program.

If you have a child that is really struggling, then this might be the greatest thing for you. As the world it is in brings it to life for them, and makes it more fun to use.


Reading Eggs is $75.00 for the year, or you can get a 6 month subscription $49.95. There is also the Monthly Recurring Subscription for $9.95 a month.

Just a quick look at Eggsplorer… None of my kids got the chance to use this on.. But it is for kids 6-8 yrs old. Where they basically know how to read.. but still have more to learn about spelling, writing and comprehension. It has neat things like writing factory.. and more!



What do the rest of the TOS Crew members think??

*I was provided with a trial subscription as part of the TOS Crew in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are 100% mine or my monkeys.

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