Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend plans??



Every year Disney on Ice comes to our big city here in Maine. I usually just take the girls, cause it’s a princess kinda thing, and Monkey Man really isn’t into that. Can’t imagine why can you??

Well this year, it was Peter Pan, and Loin King in it too. So, I gave the option to him to go. He decided that he wanted to join in.

There spark the fire for my inspiration for a weekend away. We NEVER take a weekend again. After the last year of changes, and months of stresses, I decided it would be good for us. We needed a stress free weekend of fun, just us (our family of 5).

Our plans started coming together, and as you read this… we will be sitting at Disney on Ice. The kids are super excited, and so are we. We are going to spend a few extra days in the city, at a nice hotel. We are going to relax, swim, and just enjoy each others company. (Ahh.. )

I will post pictures when we get back! You can look for some sneak peaks of our weekend on twitter, or my Facebook page. Both links can be found on my right sidebar!

See you soon!

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Our Side of the Mountain said...

Oh, how fun! I hope you're having a blast!