Friday, February 17, 2012

Is it ever to early??




I know your going to think I’m weird.. but I was out shopping the other day, and I came across these cute little wands, and some other odds and ends. It made me think Halloween!!

Yes, you read that right… I am always trying to stay ahead of the game. Plus, I like to spread my cost out over the course a of a few months, instead of all at once. I mean with three kids, that can be quite costly.

My kids love to pick out Halloween costumes, but they always want the super fancy ones. At the department store that can run you any where from $30-40 for a good one. Then you sometimes have to still add accessories.

Halloween Mart has some really good costumes to choose from. They have anything from princesses and vampires, to food costumes. They have adult costumes, child costumes, and even pet costumes, so you could buy one for your whole family.

It is never to early to start looking. You could buy a costume a month, or every few months. I think this is something we are going to do this year, so we can get our costumes without spending a fortune. Another great things is they have some good clearance deals on costumes right now too. (another reason I love to get a jump on the season)

Let me know if you pick on out?

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