Saturday, May 1, 2010

When the boys are away, the girls will play…..




Yup, that is right… The boys are at a camping trip this weekend with Cub Scouts. That leaves us girls alone….

What are our big plans for the weekend without them?Not much really… Last night we dropped them off, and came home to have a late night movie on my bed. (Barbie of course) We were pretty low key, since the girls were exhausted from our long day.

Today we are being low key too. The girls are not feeling the best. We are doing our best to enjoy our time together, though. Since girl time is rare for us. Suppose to get really hot today… so we aren’t sure what we want to do. I think we are going to put in our vegetable garden today, and maybe this afternoon when it gets hot, and humid, we will play a game, or watch a movie. Of course we must get some giggling in there, and dancing like wild crazy monkey’s! Right??

It doesn’t happen often, but we love it when it does.. spending time just us girls is so much fun!

Have a great first day of MAY!!!!

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