Monday, May 24, 2010

Our First Official Girl Scout Trip



Wow, it seems really weird that my kids are old enough to be heading out on trips with the Girl Scouts! Where has the time gone?? They are so cute in their uniforms though! :)


Last night we headed to a local city, and watched a baseball game. The girls were able to go out and do a pregame parade…but our girls found a balloon guy that makes hats… Yup, that was far more interesting! Well, see for yourself!


After the game, we got to set up our tent on the field… and snuggle in for a movie on the big screen. The girls were super excited! Here are a few shots from our night…







We had a great time! Despite not going to sleep at all, and the girls being up til 2am. But Hey! That is part of the fun right??? We are excited to do way more things with the Girl Scouts over the years!

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Scentsy said...

What a great memory for all of you.