Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The last few things on …….


the Smart Mom’s Roadshow I attended in Tampa a few weeks ago… I posted a few blogs about some of the products here, here, and here.

I just want to thank Maria Bailey from MomSelect again… I had a fabulous time and loved being able to have an event so close to me that I could attend. I hope to broaden my horizons and go to a few more over the next year.

Here are a few more products I was able to learn about while there as well.

  • BioGaia Probotic’s to help people…A straw that you place in a drink, so you get the help without the taste!
  • B-Natal Therapops … A great way to stop morning sickness, all wrapped up in a lolly pop!
  • Parigi – A popular line of kids clothing. I talked about Apple Bottoms in one of my post, and there was also: Puma, LRG for boys, and Akademiks
  • Pandigital Photolink One-touch scanner, where you can scan all your photos in seconds without a computer. Great for all those old film pictures you have laying around!!!
  • Milson Road- where you can have a collage of old newspaper articles displayed from certain dates. Whether it be a birth of a child, graduation, or wedding! It was really cool, and the collage will never fade like real newspaper!
  • Like-wear- which is a company run by a mom. Where you can get any favorite candy logo on your clothes. Best of all children's clothes, that Children LOVE!
  • Precious Moments- I remember them as a child. I always though they were so adorable. Now I get to share that with my kids. Great for a nursery!

That is all of the wonderful companies we got the opportunity to learn about.  A great group of companies to have the chance to work with. Thank you!

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