Sunday, May 2, 2010

May = Crazy??



May is a wonderful month, as spring has sprung, and of course the best thing of all, my birthday is in this month! However, it never fails as to how crazy May becomes.

It is the month of a bazillion birthday’s for our family and friends. No joke, probably close to 20! The postal system must love me for this month!!!

In that list is my husband first, and then mine at the end of the month… With lots of close family and friends in between. That starts the Craziness off.

This year… you add in camping trips, training for Girl Scouts & Cub Scouts, trips for both Scouts, regular meetings, Dance, Baseball finishing up, and cross over and bridging ceremonies… and you have filled up my whole month of May!

I’m thinking that June will need to be the month of rest, to catch up, but I think it may be just as crazy this year.

Do you ever have one month, that just seems to be jammed packed with everything you can possibly do in it??

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