Monday, May 24, 2010

Simple Woman’s Daybook:







For Today May 24th, 2010


Outside my window-  The sun is shining the birds are flying… looks to be a gorgeous, but hot day.

I am thinking- Phew, one more thing coming to an end tonight…


I am thankful for-  my girls… and the time and special things we get to do together!

From the kitchen- Nothing… Not my night to cook…Busy busy I am… Think the hubs, is making chicken breast for dinner.

I am wearing-  Shorts, girl scout leader shirt, and my croc’s

I am reading-  Nothing at the moment, but almost time to pick up my new book and start it!

I am hoping-  a fun filled, laughter filled, happy summer vacation with my kiddo’s! Time is to precious to let it waste you by!

I am creating-  Lots of papers for the end of the year, and schedules for the summer.

I am hearing- Sage reading a book to herself… and the quiet of the house.

One of my favorite things-  Crazy laughter! The kind when your so tired, that life is just so crazy and happy that you must laugh, and tears are formed… Oh the fun!

A few plans for the rest of the week….  Dance, Girl Scouts , Cub Scouts, Library, errands, and some fun! My birthday is this week too…

A Picture I'm sharing- The girls at the baseball game this weekend! More on that experience to come later today!



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