Monday, May 10, 2010

Camp Training:


As you have read in previous post… this past weekend, I attended a Camp Training event for Girl Scouts.

Now I love to camp, so this was not something I was dreading. However, we have not done much camping since we left Maine. So, I was dreading the creepy crawlies that come along with Florida.

Cara & I set out Saturday morning around 6:30am.. so we could stop and get breakfast before heading to camp. After a quick confusion, we figured out where we were suppose to be… and checked in.

Camp Training 5.9.10 008
After getting our stuff dropped off in the lodge, we got our schedule. Sat and started to learn. Got lots of info! After our book part of it, we stopped for lunch… and had some time to explore. Then we gathered around the campfire circle.

Camp Training 5.9.10 014

Where we then learned to build fires… which was pretty interesting. I must say that Cara and I did wonderful. After some further discussion… it was time to start in on dinner plans. Learned how to do different cooking styles. We made Foil packs, and made a one pot dinner.

Camp Training 5.9.10 017

The rest of the night was basically discussion .. and then of course dessert, which we had awesome Banana boats!!! YUM!


After a pretty decent nights sleep, we cleaned up this morning, packed, and headed to the car. On our way home as a Mother’s Day present to ourselves, we stopped at Cold Stone for ice cream. A wonderful end to a great weekend…

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