Saturday, May 15, 2010

Smart Moms Blogging Conference:



That is where I headed out to on Thursday with my best friend Cara. I was so excited, I won’t lie. I have been wanting to attend a blogging conference since I started this blog almost 2 yrs ago. I have found such humor, fun, friends, and so much more in blogging. To meet some of these people that I talk to online in IRL would be just amazing to me. Some of them are inspirations to me.

Upon arriving.. I got a bit nervous cause I didn’t have anything cool to really offer any of these people. I mean I’ve only been blogging for a short time really. Some of these bloggers I met where like huge in my eyes! Then I as we got going and Maria from @MomTalkRadio and Daisy from @DrMommy started talking… I felt a bit more at ease.

It was a complete joy to hear them speak about life, blogging, business, and balancing it all. They inspired me to keep going on my journey, since its something that I enjoy…

I may not be the best writer, blogger… know everything about social media, but I LOVE what I do on here… I love being able to help mom’s know that they are choosing a good product, or going with the right company. Its become a passion. That excites me… because I haven’t had many passions in my life. This one keeps me remembering that I’m not just a mom all the time, I do have insightful things to say and I do contribute to my community… (whether it be online or in person) I love connecting with companies…

Here are a few photo’s from the day..



Here is a link to the live stream of Mom Tv from the event.

I will be blogging about the different products we heard about and got samples of during the conference throughout the week.

Thanks again!!!


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Cindy said...

It was great to meet you on Thursday! It is so fun to meet my online friends IRL!