Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother’s Day Weekend


Last month, before I looked at the calendar really hard… I signed up for some training classes I needed for Girl Scouts. Perhaps I should have looked a bit harder at the calendar, cause I ended up scheduling it for the weekend of Mother’s Day. Opps!

My kids are a bit mad with me, and I understand. However, we don’t do much traditionally for Mother’s Day. I won’t be gone the whole day though… just part of it.

As I will be leaving Saturday to head out for Camp Training. That means, I have to go camping to get trained. Should be loads of fun, as my Co-leader (and best friend) are going with me. A day in the outdoors and wilderness in Florida, hmmmm…. I’m used to the creepy crawlies in Maine. Lets hope we don’t encounter any nasty ones from here. BLAH!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not your average spleeny girl. I like camping, yet FL has so many different creepy crawlies to see!

I’m excited to go, and we need to get it done. So it will be a good weekend, and not to hot yet. My kids will still get me for a half a day!


What are your plans for Mother’s Day??

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