Wednesday, July 1, 2009

For my Aunt:


This past week has been a very difficult time for my family. First my one of my cousin’s daughters died at 14 yrs old. Then just two days later I got the news that my Aunt had passed away that afternoon. I was shocked, and wasn’t sure how to react.  So I am writing this to get my thoughts out there.  It has been a week…. life is not the same.

We talked often, and emailed often as well. I think the thing that got me more was, I was replying to an email she had sent me the that morning, when my mom called to tell me the news.
I have had a very hard time with this, because her and I were close. As I stated we talked often. She was always there to listen when I needed a shoulder to lean on, or advice about something. We didn’t always see each other as much as we liked, usually only a couple times a year. I regret that now, but life is life, we all get busy and find other things we “think” are more important.
I can say that I am thankful that we talked often, cause at least there is a peace in my heart knowing that she knew I loved her… and that I know she loved me. I’m sad that my children couldn’t get to know her as well as I did. Or that she wasn’t able to get to know her own granddaughter….. she did get to meet her though.

For those of you who didn’t know my Aunt I’ll tell you a little bit about her. Aunt Doris, know as Auntie Em to me.. (I don’t remember how I gave her that name, but that is what she will always be know as to me) was a very lively person. She loved family the same way I do. We both loved getting together with them every year at Family Reunions, and seeing how people had changed. She loved to search genealogy, and tell me about our past relatives, her and my Uncle did this on their spare time.  Her and my uncle were also taking dancing lessons. I regret to say I never got the chance to see them dance, but I think it is great they did this together. Aunt Doris and Uncle Eugene have been married for 33 yrs. I was blessed to know her, and spend what time I had with her. I’m thankful for that!

I will miss you very much Auntie Em! You were amazing, beautiful, and a great aunt! I will miss our conversations about everything and anything. I will miss your love for my kids.. You were my rock, when I thought I had no other. You were like a second mom to me, and I can’t ever thank you enough for that. I’m at a loss to figure out how things will be the same without you here. There are still times I get online and look for  you at night to talk too. But I carry your spirit in my heart everyday and I know that you will always be there, and in my memories. I will keep you alive with me, and remember you always!  I love you!


Berry Patch said...

Moncia...((((hugs)))) It's so hard to loose someone you love & are close to so suddenly. I still have e-mails from my mom in my inboxes. I don't want to delete them. It's a bit of her I can keep. It's not easy but it does get easier. Prayers are with you & yours.

Martha in PA said...

Monica, I am sorry for your loss.

The Bertone's said...

Thanks! I appreciate it... I also found out yesterday that my Great Grandfather died. I think that June is officially not a good month for me anymore.