Monday, September 8, 2008

What a mess!

The mess begins! As we all know when packing a mess is gonna happen! We are getting there slowly... managed to get most of the storage space cleaned out!! Hunter's room is packed... and we are moving on to the kitchen, and our bedroom. Figured we would leave the girls room for last. :) So far, so good! Boxes, boxes, and more boxes! Oh my!

The kids are very excited about moving. Sage asks every morning when she wakes up, are we going to NANA'S today??? Rachel just wants to know when we are going to pack up her room. Guess she is concerned we are going to leave her stuff behind. Hunter went to school today and spread the news like Wildfire... ...crazy boy!

As you can see the girls are very involved in helping with the packing process, and are very quick to make sure that their stuff is right where it should be!

Til the next time....

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