Thursday, September 25, 2008

We arrived!

I just wanted to inform you all that we arrived safely! I have some more blogs and pictures to put up when I have some time to sit down and do it. We had a very nice trip. We drove straight thru for the most part, leaving at 6pm on Tuesday night, and arriving in Davenport at 6am on Thrusday morning. We would have been in late Wednesday night, but we made some stops to get a quick nap, or to let the kids run around and stretch their legs. However, I must say for having a 6,4, and 3 yr old in the car with us, they did an awesome job. Thanks to the people who called us along the way and kept checking on us. :) We are now getting settled in, and starting our job search.... I'm off to bed in a few to catch up from the lack of sleep. More blogs, and pictures soon.


Berry Patch said...

So glad to know you arrived safely! I can't wait to start seeing photos of a warmer place!!! The leaves are changing so fast right now. I'll miss seeing you at sports!!!!! Psstt...send me your new address, please. :-)

The Eagen's said...

Yay! So glad to hear that all went well on the road trip! I am glad you made it safely and that the kids behaved. I am so jealous! I miss you guys already! Love You!

Dianna said...

LOL I talked to Andy more then you!!! I miss my sis! Love you!!