Friday, September 5, 2008

Counting Down!

As some of you may have already heard... and if not, well you will be now. Our family has made the big decision to move to FLORIDA! Yes, you heard me correctly. My In-laws, have been wanting us to move there for a few years now. Reluctanly we didn't feel we would do well done there, or wasn't sure that is where we wanted our kids to grow up, so never went. I have lived in florida before, and I did like it there. Minus the cocroaches, and the nasty water bugs! ICK! The fire ants aren't really pleasant either, but there is always something you don't like about some where right?

Anyway, with Andy graduating.. we have been in a job search for a couple of months, and I have been looking as well. Nothing is in this area, unless we move to Portland, or somwhere down towards Southern Maine. I figure if we are going to go anywhere we might as well go where the money is better. :) So, after a few dicussions, and our fears layed out, we decided at this point in our lives, this is the best thing for our family to do. Scared, yes, excited, yes, but if we stick together, and give it our best, we shall rise from this adventure!

After some talking to his parents, we have decided we are all going to go down at once. We will be staying with them for a little while, as we start our job search. Which I am hoping won't take long, as their are so many jobs down there. I found 10 online the other night just for entry level IT, and with good starting salaries! I'm in hopes this could mean good things for our family. I'm tried of scrapping by to make ends meet. Its to stressful, and I want to be able to change that. :) I hope that or friends and family understand. We are going to miss them dearly, but hope we will be able to come back to visit once we are established. Or you can always come visit us!! I will always keep you updated on here, and we will email and talk often!

So, here is the date... Are you ready?? We are leaving in a month. I know, not alot of time, but we are confident we can get everything done we need to. So, wish us luck, and I will keep you updated!


Berry Patch said...

Awwww, I'll miss you - that's for sure, but doing what's best for your family is certainly what you should do. Are the kiddos excited??

Tara said...

I told Gabi after I read the email. She immediately burst into tears! I think this year has just been really hard on her - not seeing her friends daily because of home school, her one friend passing away, and now Hunter moving. But then she asked if Hunter would be able to home school then. I, of course, told her I didn't know. I haven't told Beth yet, but I expect her reaction won't be as dramatic... she doesn't seem to connect those kinds of things together.

Anyway, it was nice to have met you, to have gotten to know you some, and to work together some. We'll definately keep in touch -email, letters, BLOGS!

Have faith, and pray always, and the Lord will lead you - and then your family, and work opportunities, will flurish!

Best of luck! ~ The Nielsens

The Eagen's said...

Well, you already know how I feel about you moving! I am hoping we will not be too far behind you. I mentioned it to Aaron last night and he just laughed, which I don't see as a good sign. LOL. I wish you and your family all the best, of course, and I can certainly understand why you want to move. You definitely have to take care of your family first. You better keep in touch, though! I will stalk you if you don't.