Monday, September 1, 2008

A little late!

Sorry I forgot to post an update on how Hunter made out at his first day of school. I'm here now to fill you in... I know, I'm always writing on her lately right?? First Grade seems to be working very well for Hunter. He really enjoys his new teacher Mrs. Campbell. She is very structured, and keeps a very calm room. I was very impressed. Hunter was happy with lunch as well. They had one of his favorites on his first day back.. A Chicken Burger..... The rest of the week followed with more of his favorites. Taco Salad, and Pizza! He was very happy to see his friends again. Although he was sad, to see that his classroom of 15 from last year, went down to only 7 of them being together this year. :(
As a parent I was very happy to see that Mrs. Campbell is a little more organized. She gave them all folders with a take home, and return to school section. So the papers don't get crumbled or lost along the way! Also, she sent home a paper to guide you and give you directions on their homework. OH MY WORD, I can help him with homework and know what i am doing! LOL... Sorry but compared to last year, when we only got instructions on post-it notes and half the time Hunter would lose them before making it home, it made it extremely difficult to help him with it. That was such a blessing! They are even numbered, so you know what he is going to have before he gets it! I think the start of the year is looking bright! I'm very happy with it, and hope that we continue to have a very successful year.
Hunter's first field trip will be coming up, they are going to a local fair, where they learn about agriculture and stuff. They went last year as well, and they got to help make some homemade butter, and a blueberry pie ... I believe... I'll keep you posted! :)

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